We Manage Blocks of Flats In North & Greater London

We work very closely with you, the leaseholders, administering your management or freehold companies, making sure that your blocks run smoothly.  Service charges are collected efficiently, suppliers paid on time and works carried out within the legal framework. Additionally, we can assist leaseholders who wish to purchase the freehold of their block, extend their leases or even form a right to manage company, advising them through these lengthy and sometimes convoluted processes. We are proud to provide a professional service with the personal touch.

Open & Transparent Communication

We pride ourselves in developing a strong and personal relationship with our clients.

We believe is adhering to the highest standards in the industry and we understand that the most important is to communicate openly and at all times with our clients.

No query is too small and we will do our best to answer it quickly and to your satisfaction.

Keeping A Tight Hold On The Finances Of Your Block

Every block we manage has its own separate bank account.

We believe that the budget set out at the beginning of each financial year must be realistic and that blocks should build up reserves for major works, where possible.

Service charge arrears can easily get out of control and cripple the good management of all the services to be provided to the blocks. Thus, we make sure that service charge arrears are collected in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Purchasing The Freehold

Over the years, we have successfully advised and assisted many of our clients who wished to acquire the freehold of their properties, thereby becoming in full control of the finances of their blocks.

Most importantly, once they own the freehold, they can grant lease extensions, thereby protecting their long term investments and increasing the value of their properties.

Online Service

Our online service is going to revolutionise the way we communicate about your block:

  • Get regular news and updates about the building.
  • When things go wrong in your property, send us online requests to get the problem resolved.
  • Keep track of requests and see how we are progressing. You can also see if issues have been reported by other residents.
  • Vote and collaborate about group decisions online, helping us to get your feedback and get things done as quickly as we can.
  • In emergencies, you can reach your neighbours direct via email and text message, at the same time keeping all contact details private.
  • Have all documents in one secure place. If you need building documents such as insurance details, they will all be stored online and are easily searchable.
  • Receive newsletters by email to see all the latest activities going on and how they affect you. Urgent items can be sent direct to your mobile phone by text.

The most important thing to remember is that your details are kept highly secure. You can choose how frequently you receive updates and we will never give your neighbours your contact details. They will see only a display name, which you choose.

If you don’t have a computer or access to the internet – let us know and we can add you to the paper Newsletter list.